lividjaffas replied to your post “[Sits in your askbox] Hi, don’t mind me, I just powered through your Lux et series and waiting for more uvu It’s a really good series, I really like how you’ve set up the world of Xeph’s n all! I hope your week is grand, friend.”

i take 1/8 of the credit

I don’t think ass rockets deserve credit!

Have a nice day friend!! (ps you are cool)

You too :)

(ps you’re awesome, stay that way)

[Sits in your askbox] Hi, don't mind me, I just powered through your Lux et series and waiting for more uvu It's a really good series, I really like how you've set up the world of Xeph's n all! I hope your week is grand, friend.

Thank you so much! It really cheers me up when people like my writing :)

I hope you have a great week too, anon!


Archer!Nano and Archer!Lomadia AU. [Understandably vengeful]
Small and stealthy, but still able to pack a punch.
Ahh, I don't know if maybe you forgot, but were you still going to try and write the Sips/Strife fic sometime? It's okay if you didn't feel like it, I was just wondering.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgot :)

I wish I wasn’t so busy so I could finish them soon but unfortunately school gets in the way. I will try to write them all though :) 

Hey I just want to say that I love your fanfics ^_^ could you please write some xephmadia/IRL this would be awesome 😊

Irl as in Hannah/Lewis or like Xephos/Lomadia in the real world? I don’t like writing real people fics so I’m sorry if it’s Lewis/Hannah :)

Omg! That israphel thing was amazing!! 🙈💕 Do you think you could wrote some adorable honeyphos? 💕😋

Pairing(s):  Honeyphos
Summary:  A short drabble in which Honeydew and Xephos argue about age
Warnings: None
Word Count: 446
Notes: I’m really sorry this took so long, college is taking over all my free time. I hope you enjoy :)

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Artist: Sjin & Lewis



Imagine if Xephos was actually planning on taking the next rocket they build in moomquest back to his home planet, and like he goes up, and all the sudden the radio between Lalna Honeydew, and Xephos cuts off and that was the last they ever hear of Xephos.

Don’t you fucking dare.


do you think sometimes in the middle of adventures they just


do you think sometimes in the middle of adventures they just

Yogscast Alphabet → Nilesy

Yogscast Alphabet → Nilesy


Just wondering but where did you get the title Lux Et Novus and Lux Et Tenebrae?

(I changed Novus to Umbra because I’m a massive noob who used the wrong title)

At first, Tenebrae was just the name of the planet because it meant dark in Latin and then I thought it would be cool to have the planet name in the title. I liked the thought of Light and Dark so thanks to google I found out what that was in Latin. Why Latin I have no idea, maybe because it suited the formality of Xephos’ planet.

I was going to have it as Novus as it meant New and, well, it’s a new story? But then I thought Umbra (Shadow) matched the story more as it was still related to darkness but signalled that light was close as in the story was going to have happier moments than the first story? It’s a long and unnecessary explanation and I put way too much thought into the title. 

TL;DR: I liked the sound of Latin even though I can’t pronounce most of it.

Lux Et Umbra (1/?)

Pairing(s):  None
Summary:  A sequel to Lux Et Tenebrae that follows Merak as he tries to find Xephos and his crashed ship.
Previous Strories: Lux Et Tenebrae
Warnings: None
Word Count: 891
AO3 Link
Notes: So I decided that I needed to do a sequel due to so many things I didn’t manage into the first story. This is more of a prologue than an actual story. Thanks to lividjaffas and oathkeepersora for helping :)

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you do the honeydewkey and you turn around, that’s what it’s all about

You just made it one million times better!