ya know, if more people in the sjips tag spent less time complaining about how the ship is dead and more time producing content for said ship, maybe it wouldn’t be dead????

being in a fandom long term: urrrrrrrrrrgh not this shitty argument again we've covered this

I feel like I need every tumblr url that contains or is to do with xephin. You know, just to catch them all.


aaaaaaaand here’s the nanomadia

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a bunch of ppl were requesting xephna so here you go friends


Do you guys remember that one person that said
"What if the DNA of the Wolves that Sips and Sjin got infused with still remained in them and now they are werewolves?"

All I can think about is them howling across the map to each other aggressively every full moon.

"You bastarddddddd"

Anonymous sent:

On the singing one, if they adopt a kid, it'd be so cute. Xeph would sing the kid to sleep, and Sjin would teach them guitar, and it would just be a cute musical family thing.

It would be funny if the kid couldn’t sing as they were totally tone deaf. 

Anonymous sent:

But what if they never stopped doing those cute things for each other. Xeph would wake up before Sjin, and leave a note on his side of the bed, and when Sjin goes downstairs there's notes in the bathroom (I love your bed-head), and the kitchen (You are like the sweetest of honey). And Sjin would pick a flower each morning and put it in Xephos' hair. He would have a secret garden just for him and Xeph, and it would be filled with beautiful exotic flowers "None compare to your beauty Xeph".

omg too cute.

people wouldn’t expect them to be cute with each other but they’re really affectionate with each other when they’re alone. 

Anonymous sent:

Little kid AU! They live like 2 houses down from each other. They're both like 8 or 9, and have crushes on each other, so they observe their parents to see what people in love do. Sjin's parents like to give flowers to each other, and Xephos' parents leave little notes for the other to find. So Xeph leaves a love note on Sjin's doorstep, and Sjin picks flowers from his mom's garden to give them to Xeph.

I swear I’m going to die from that, it was far too cute!

Anonymous sent:

Xephos has a great voice, but he's always embarrassed and doesn't like to sing in front of others, but he makes an exception when Sjin learns the guitar so they can do duets.

Anonymous sent:

Xephos doesn't get sick a lot, but when he does- oh man is it bad. So when Sjin wakes up to find Xeph all horribly sick, he freaks out and is over protective. No chilies, no fighting and absolutely no working. Sjin would make homemade soup and everything to try to make his Xeph all comfy and better.

Awww that’s adorable!

Xephos would be the type of person who doesn’t like people taking care of him but he doesn’t really have a choice.


A message to everyone who’s ever sent me anon love

the next time you get a snack out of a vending machine I hope the thingy  goes for too long and you get TWO instead

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Simon’s Away…


Pairing: Xephna

Warnings: Really badly written smut.

Note: Request from an anon. I’m really unhappy with this one, but I think I’m just really out of practice for the moment. :/ Enjoy anyway though! :3

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theluckiestdear sent:

Sjin actually loves the taste of honey but he'd never admit that. No bees. Not again. (Also it's been said before, but Xeph with allergies, sniffing and sneezing during spring. >w<)

That is too perfect! I can imagine Sjin just muttering “no bees, not again” under his breath every time he wants honey.

Poor Xephos suffering all spring :(