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Xephos and Sjin are like the waifus/mothers of the yogs.

Sjin is the stay and home waifu who cooks and builds and makes things nice and who is overall very docile. He humors them with silly conversations and gladly takes all the teasing thrown at him because he knws it’s necessary sometimes.

Xephos is the business momma hen who is always asking if they need food or air or anything complicated while also taking charge and kicking ass where needed. He encourages and teaches as best he can.

Team waifu, go!


also saved under the name ” definetly too much time and effort for a joke.png”

No, but followers, I really want to get to know you.

So tell me your name, your main ship, first fandom, three things about you, why you follow me, and what I could do that would make you unfollow. 

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I wanna write one of those fics that an entire fandom knows about, that shows up on everyone’s rec list, that people create artwork for.


What about an open relationship style fic about the Agrarian Skies series? (Long rambles below the cut.)

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side note

honeydew is a wonderful character to play w/ because he is rather flirty, and it’s a bit unfair to only ship him w/ xephos or granny bacon


xephos gets shipped w/ a shitton of ppl because he is taller and also fits the whole ‘typical attractiveness’ thing

but honeydew is gr8 and cute in his own way and srsly you guys you can ship so called ‘unattractive characters’

points at this



ghouliest replied to your post:ghouliest replied to your post:Besides shipping…

sips and honeydew are chubby hairy BABES lol get rekt xephin

foreAL THO

honeysips rulez xephin droolz


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It’s a work in progress but this is every time Lewis says “friend” in Minecraft from part 1-14.

I want this as a ringtone

I have it as my text tone and it always makes me smile.


Like or reblog this post if you think that the AO3 tags for the Yogscast fandom should be changed so they don’t treat the characters (Xephos, Lalna, Lomadia, etc) as their players (Lewis, Duncan, Hannah, etc).

Enough support and I’ll see what I can do about that. I am interested in see if that can be changed.

fauxknight sent:

Is it okay to send say drawings for example to members of the Yogscast and ask for autographs?



Only kidding. Of course it isn’t.

STILL KIDDING. Yes it’s fine, but just be aware of who works in the office and who doesn’t. eg. if you send something for Sips to sign, I ain’t taking it to his house.

Unless you’re buying my ticket.

being in a fandom long term: urrrrrrrrrrgh not this shitty argument again we've covered this



one of the things i am sad about in the shift from journal culture to tumblr culture is the weird tumblr etiquette of not commenting directly on a thing you enjoy. praise is both a fanfic author’s currency and fuel! we live for that stuff. if you’re going to leave a delighted, effusive reaction to a story in your tags, consider copying and pasting that text into a comment to the author themself. a lot of us hoard our comments against bad days, so we can remember why we love doing this when every word feels like pulling teeth.

yes, this

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Xephna in 3,6, or 7. the choice is preety much yours (please)


7. on the lips (passionate)

imageSorry its so sketchy. I’m trying a new style… so yea. Xephna 4 ever! (also I’m crap at coloring)


what are you talking about I’m in the yogscast fandom I ship the melon and the xylophone